Inverness - Mosaic Specialists UK

This large complicated project involves the reconstruction of one missing mural, removal and reinstatement of two murals and the restoration of the remaining fourth. Project due for completion late Summer 2019.


We are currently working on the reconstruction of a missing mural measuring approximately 3.5m x 1.5m. Working from a very old photograph obtained by the Architect, we used computer software to enhance the image, an illustrator to interpret elements of the design, which we then adapted based on the ‘tool makers’ trade and adjacent original murals.

The un-glazed ceramic mosaic tesserae are hand cut and tumbled in the workshop to match. The new mural will take 3 months to fabricate, watch this space…

Inverness - Mosaic Restoration Specialists


Inverness - Mosaic Restoration Specialists UK


Inverness - Mosaic Mural Restoration Specialists