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November 2023

The Workshop

25th Anniversary

By Mosaic

Today is our 25th anniversary having started the company on 25th November 1998.
Over the years we’ve worked on some fantastic projects with a great team of staff and wonderful Clients to which we are very grateful.
Here’s to the next 25 years, watch this space, exciting times ahead…

25 years - Mosaic Restoration
lifting damaged and restore mosaic tesserae Bury Church 4

Bury Church

By Mosaic

This project nears completion after 2 months work on site carefully lifting damaged mosaic, salvaging / cleaning 1,000’s if individual tesserae, reconstructing and reinstating to precisely match the original. We also carried out numerous in-situ repairs, stabilising, cleaning and finishing treatment to in excess of 200m2 of finely decorated Minton tessellated mosaic and geometric floor tiling.

There is a planned presentation of this project in the New Year in collaboration with our colleague Tracey Cartledge and the Church Fabric Management Team.

A total of 7 from our team worked on this challenging but very rewarding project. We appreciate we often say, worth a visit, but this Church is a must. The Church is very active with numerous events and concerts, great acoustics, fantastic decoration.

Images of temporary workshop in Chapel, Anais expressing her enthusiasm… Other images of the work in progress, quite a transformation.