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May 2022

Monte Carlo or Bust

Monte Carlo or Bust

By Mosaic

Visit the JustGiving page:

I have chosen to raise funds for the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation.  Founded by Nadim and Tanya Ednan-Laperouse following the tragic death of their daughter Natasha to a severe allergic reaction in 2016, the vision of the Foundation is to make allergy history.  Their goal is to prevent and eradicate allergic disease, starting with food allergy, creating a world that is safe for all individuals. They fund food allergy research, the only charity in the UK dedicated to do this, and campaign to improve policy / law and raise awareness of the dangers of food allergy.  Please visit their website at to learn more and follow them on social media @NatashasFoundation (Insta and Facebook) @NatashasLegacy (Twitter).

Their successes already include achieving the first major change in allergy legislation with Natasha’s Law being implemented in 2021 – ensuring that full ingredient labelling and allergen information is included on all pre-prepared food to go (‘pre packed for direct sale’).  In May 2022 they will be announcing their first major allergy research project – to enable the first treatment for food allergy to made available to everyone in the UK via the NHS.  As Nadim and Tanya say: “We want to ensure the needs of people living with allergy are met in a meaningful way and to offer a real hope that will change the lives of all those living with this life-threatening disease.”

I have the personal experience of family members who have food allergies and the impact it has on their lives. I understand the urgent need to carry out research and am confident NARF with the recent and forthcoming developments / announcements that they will make good use of any money I can raise. 

Take a look at the JustGiving page where you can find all of the information about donating –